How the courts acts as
accomplice of Porsche

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5-stroke engine – best in class in consumption
Measured BSFC less than 230 g/kWh
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24H Le Mans 2014 - Porsche
with 5-stroke engine?

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There are some boundaries that just cannot
be overcome with any number of small steps.
Such boundaries require a courageous leap!

The time for a new internal combustion engine has come.  
Gerhard Schmitz, 2011   


The five-stroke engine – ingeniously simple, simply ingenious

What differentiates the five-stroke engine from all conventional engines is its new idea of intelligent collaboration. Different types of cylinders, each specialised to perform one task, complement each other optimally.

They work with one another, and not just alongside one another.
Gerhard Schmitz, 2011
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